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How to Predict How Employees Will Behave in The Future

If atop the table before you sits a crystal ball of amazing power and magnitude, predicting the future would be easy. Reality suggests no such ball sits on your desk at the office. Human behavior and human nature is, in fact, fairly predictable, but it takes knowing key indicators and then being aware

3 Must Have Methods of Managing the High Performing Bully

She intimidates, then hoards work and creates a bottleneck. She makes snarky remarks and then acts innocent when called on them. She scares others and is seen as difficult, but is so good at what she does, no manager is addressing the most problematic issue. Enter the common problem of having a bully

3 Skills for Imperfect Leaders Who Prefer Progress

Progress is not about being perfect. Progress is made by being persistent. Yet, the prevailing myth at the New Year is this beginning of a new time period signals the opportunity to attempt perfection, once again. Leaders seek to drop all their bad habits, change how they lead team members, do different

Time to Check Your Alignment

Take your car in for a tune-up and an alignment is often part of that process.  Left unchecked, your car may pull slightly right or left. You can easily course correct, but if you didn’t you could soon be going in the very wrong direction. In the office, tune-ups look more like performance appraisals,

How to Lead Your Strategy Strategically

This time of year, and, it seems, every other time in the life of a leader, finding the time to plan can be difficult. Finding that elusive large block of time to be both creative and thoughtful, introspective and forward thinking, always takes a lesser priority to whatever is screaming for attention

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