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3 Fascinating Facets of Leadership Communication

Communication. A fundamental, unavoidable element of any leader’s day and yet something that so infrequently occurs in the way we think. A leader says one thing. An employee hears another. There’s no absence of hearing, but a questionable presence of listening. There’s no absence of saying what

6 Commitments Every Leader Needs to Be Keeping

Ask a leader to record pet peeves and lack of follow through will often make the list. Ask employees for similar data and they will usually say the same of their leader. Making a commitment is easy, follow through is different. Keeping one’s commitments takes effort. Keeping a commitment can depend

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Managing the Many Hats of Leading

[caption id="attachment_4002" align="alignright" width="277"]Leadership Coaching with Monica Wofford, CSP Oh my, this trip down memory lane is certainly

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