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Alert: Leadership is a Matter of the Head AND Heart

Being a manager means you track numbers, quotas, vacation days, attendance, and other tactical, measurable figures. Leadership is focusing on the people you have the privilege of leading while still keeping an eye and a handle on those figures that run the business, department, organization, or team

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One Leader Looks at Leading Time

Once one has passed twenty years of living, with each New Year, hindsight kicks in and when one is a leader that means a look at things, perhaps differently. What might have one done instead? What might one do to improve? What might one do with the time one believes he or she has left? They are all

Leadership Blind Spots

  On any given day a leader drives down the road of leading his or her team. There are occasional variances in speed and the necessary lane change. There are speed signs and consequences for ignoring them and then there are the

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