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5 Reasons to Become a Better Leader

Promoted, but not prepared, describes many a leader, but the reasons differ. One leader gets promoted because of their skills. Another because of limited other choices. Some take a promotion, only to find disillusion in a position, not at all what they envisioned. Yet, when promoted to leadership, the

Learn to Lead with Contagious Companies

3 Coaching Moments Peak Performers Need from Their Leader

Everyone has room to improve and could get better, but leaders with top performers often leave them alone to fend for themselves. After all no news is good news and what is there to improve when one’s performance is in the top ten percentage? So much time must be spent with those who aren’t

Does the Coach Always Know Best?

Remember the show Father Knows Best? It ran from 1954 to 1966 and in that time, the concept was not offensive. Remnants of this idea that someone in our midst might know best, however, still exist in our culture. One such role beyond parent, subject to this idea, is coach. The sports team coach is

On Leading and Feeding Wolves

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