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Leaders: Would You Really Put That on Social Media?

A leader leads daily. Title or no title, in work and in life, even outside the office.  Yet, recent views of social media posts which include fear mongering and name calling on political issues, intimate details of one struggle or another revealed, and unfiltered judgements of what one would label

Contagious Communication: 3 Reasons You Want Results Oriented Communication Training

It's one thing to bring in a training class to help your leaders communicate better, but how do you know it will produce results? Do you really want to just bring in a training class to be able to check it off the list? Well, maybe, but it would be nice if you got a return on your investment and the

When Leaders Listen, Does it Improve Workplace Communication?

The short answer is “it depends”. But it gets better! Yes, when leaders listen it can improve workplace communication and here are three quick and easy ideas to improve communication skills in the workplace and among your leaders. [caption id="attachment_2569" align="alignright" width="300"]

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