The Best Leader Recipe

Chef’s know their new dish was a hit when customers make recipe requests. At the county fair, the best baker gets a ribbon. In the office, the best leader gets to keep leading. Wait a minute. Leading has a recipe and a set of specific ingredients and much like many cooks, the art of a dash of


3 Skills for Imperfect Leaders Who Prefer Progress

Progress is not about being perfect. Progress is made by being persistent. Yet, the prevailing myth at the New Year is this beginning of a new time period signals the opportunity to attempt perfection, once again. Leaders seek to drop all their bad habits, change how they lead team members, do different


5 Reasons to Become a Better Leader

Promoted, but not prepared, describes many a leader, but the reasons differ. One leader gets promoted because of their skills. Another because of limited other choices. Some take a promotion, only to find disillusion in a position, not at all what they envisioned. Yet, when promoted to leadership, the

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Confident Leaders are Certain of These Three Beliefs

Certainty is a tricky leadership concept, particularly in the face of rampant change. However, confident leaders who operate from a strong foundation of authenticity waiver not on these three beliefs. Whether these are beliefs every successful leader truly shares has not been scientifically studied.

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Rarely Shared Secrets of Leadership Expectations

Every leader (and every person actually) maintains expectations.  While typically aimed at employees, leadership expectations, for example, are applied to those who perform at high levels and they’re seen as high performers partly based on the perception that they’re meeting expectations. Those

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Does a Leader Need an Inner Cheerleader?

Let’s face it, we all talk to ourselves. No one questions that truth. However, does what most leaders say to themselves reflect the truth of the situation or are we inclined to believe only what keeps us safe? The safe interpretation, sadly, can create more damage than necessary. Looking at a situation

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