Notes for the New Boss
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Are You a Runaway Leader?

Employees aren’t listening. Bosses are meddling. Product lines keep changing and someone just heard there’s plans for office space rearranging. Double and triple booked meetings prevent time to lead anything with any real meaning. And of yes, then there’s supposed to be time for employee development?

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Leaders: Would You Really Put That on Social Media?

A leader leads daily. Title or no title, in work and in life, even outside the office.  Yet, recent views of social media posts which include fear mongering and name calling on political issues, intimate details of one struggle or another revealed, and unfiltered judgements of what one would label

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25 Things Employees Do That Make Leaders Lose It

Being a leader is a privilege and pleasure. So is working, for that matter, as there are many without that status. But, no one is super human these are realities one tends to take for granted. When that happens, numerous other actions can drive leaders, and those in the ranks of management, nuts…

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5 Ways Extroverted Leaders Can Minimize Distractions

No matter the season, the festivities are but one of many possible leadership distractions. Between holiday office parties, decorations, extra committees, and personal family employee commitments, it is easy for a leader to lose track of normalcy for both him or her and the team, and get far off track

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Operation Overload: Surprising Survival Strategies

This is personal. One moment your list, your life, and your work are all working in concert. The next minute a surprise action item or need appears, with critical urgency quickly plummeting your life into a state of emergency. For some, this state is constant. For others, it is far longer than need

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What’s Timing Got to Do with Leading?

Timing is a tricky element. Not always able to be controlled, not always specific and deadline equipped and rarely within a leader’s grip. But still, what does timing have to do with anything in leadership? From the development of others to expectations of them, access to resources, and the overall

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