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Leadership: Service or Sabotage?

In learning the art and science of more effective leadership, one may run into resistance. Beyond learning, while leading in challenging circumstances, one may also face resistance, opposition, or downright slings and arrows. In both cases, at what point does one continue to serve, in spite of a lack

Monica Wofford is a leadership development specialist. For more, go to

3 Scary Similarities Between Leadership and Campaigns

It’s official! Just a short while ago I was accepted into an elite program called the Political Leadership Institute. Our first courses took place recently and what an elaborate and thorough education on how to run a political campaign and execute on one’s desire to serve in public office. While

Leadership Blind Spots

  On any given day a leader drives down the road of leading his or her team. There are occasional variances in speed and the necessary lane change. There are speed signs and consequences for ignoring them and then there are the

What Kind of Leader Are You?

a4 The answer to this question will determine your career direction. If you are in an interview and asked this question, your answer

How to Be a Liberated Leader

What first comes to mind, might be QUIT! Or maybe one thinks of a communist [caption id="attachment_3527" align="alignright" width="256"]

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