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Are You a Runaway Leader?

Employees aren’t listening. Bosses are meddling. Product lines keep changing and someone just heard there’s plans for office space rearranging. Double and triple booked meetings prevent time to lead anything with any real meaning. And of yes, then there’s supposed to be time for employee development? How does that work when go pee must be

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Why Power Rarely Follows Position

It seems more the rule than exception that managers are promoted, but not prepared. Ill equipped for new responsibilities, feelings extra pressure, and lacking necessary new skill sets, the new manager may be lulled into believing power follows the promotion or position. It does not. Authority may increase, as seen on the org chart, but

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3 Tough Decisions Leaders Hate Making

It’s been said a leader’s’ job is never done. It’s also been said a leader’s job is a collection of many more roles than one. In either true statement, three key topics can add difficulty if a leader struggles with decision making. Of course, it also helps if a leader has thick skin, high self-confidence,

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Managing the Many Hats of Leading

Giggling, the photographer snapped this picture. What was not funny was the realization that managers are asked to play at least this many roles, if not even more than the hats depicted. The question is not how does one make it all fit, but rather, does a manager have a state of awareness? Does he

Monica Wofford TED Talk

Sneak Peak: TEDx Talk on Difficult versus Different People

On the heels of a recent Monday Moment entitled, “Leaders: Would You Really Put That on Social Media?” maybe it’s time to talk about the real issue. When did we begin to equate different with difficult? In one of the most rewarding and life-changing presentations of my professional speaking career, allow me to present a

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Leaders: Would You Really Put That on Social Media?

A leader leads daily. Title or no title, in work and in life, even outside the office.  Yet, recent views of social media posts which include fear mongering and name calling on political issues, intimate details of one struggle or another revealed, and unfiltered judgements of what one would label both good and bad posts,

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