3 Fascinating Facets of Leadership Communication

Communication. A fundamental, unavoidable element of any leader’s day and yet something that so infrequently occurs in the way we think. A leader says one thing. An employee hears another. There’s no absence of hearing, but a questionable presence of listening. There’s no absence of saying what one means, but a question of clarity for

Why Top Performers Can Prevent Profit

If you’re not prepared to keep them challenged or forgive when they go off the reservation, your top performers and high achievers could prevent profit. It happens when the amount of time, drain, energy and effort they take to manage, costs more than their results producing advantage. Is your top performer creating more problems than

Leading and Leaping Invisible Barriers

Just what is it that keeps you from what you really want? Simply said, they’re called barriers. Some might say beliefs, some say skills, and still more might say luck or opportunities. Leaders have all three at times. However, the biggest barriers are often completely unreal, made up, or even fictitious and exist, in truth,

Leading Sometimes Means Not Reading

For more than two decades, I’ve talked about leadership as a concept with three categories. One should first be yourself, then lead yourself well, before one really has any business leading others. This means efforts to maintain authenticity have tremendous value in building your leadership foundation. It also means paying nearly as much attention to

6 Commitments Every Leader Needs to Be Keeping

Ask a leader to record pet peeves and lack of follow through will often make the list. Ask employees for similar data and they will usually say the same of their leader. Making a commitment is easy, follow through is different. Keeping one’s commitments takes effort. Keeping a commitment can depend on whether one had

How One Button Can Change Your World

Ever had a hindsight moment in which the realization hits that had one tiny event not happened, everything would be different? Maybe it’s a statement a colleague made? Maybe, it’s an action your boss did or didn’t take. Or maybe it was knowledge of how to solve a problem that could have saved hours of

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