Are We Talkin’ Transparent, Authentic, or Rude

There is regular confusion among these terms and what is authentic to one person can sound a bit strong to another. What appears to be a leader’s transparent message can come across to some as if he lost his filter. But, how does a leader know the difference? How does a leader dance the jagged

Do They See It?

Visual GPS systems do a brilliant job of showing the traveler both the route and the destination. Does your leadership? Employees, teams, and leaders struggle to advance toward the goal or destination if there’s no clear vision, much less, some short of charted path to get there. Yet, having a vision, or creating one, is

The Best Leader Recipe

Chef’s know their new dish was a hit when customers make recipe requests. At the county fair, the best baker gets a ribbon. In the office, the best leader gets to keep leading. Wait a minute. Leading has a recipe and a set of specific ingredients and much like many cooks, the art of a

4 Secrets to Being Prepared for a Promotion

The most common answer we give to “What does Contagious Companies do?” is this: we work with managers who were promoted, but not prepared. Nearly everyone who hears that statement says one of two things. “OH, we have some of those!” or “How fast can you get to my office?” All kidding aside, however, there

Leading Among the B’s

Take away one small apostrophe and today’s Monday Moment title could take on an entirely different meaning. But whether you feel there is a pile of bull stuff that surrounds your office or you’re leading among two other popular B words, let’s fix some of the difficulty you face with either daily. One B is

How to Predict How Employees Will Behave in The Future

If atop the table before you sits a crystal ball of amazing power and magnitude, predicting the future would be easy. Reality suggests no such ball sits on your desk at the office. Human behavior and human nature is, in fact, fairly predictable, but it takes knowing key indicators and then being aware of remaining

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