How Leaders Get it All Done

There are so many clichés about time and how fast it passes, how much it matters, or how little of it there seems to be daily. A leader may hear these cute phrases and smile at their accuracy, but many still believe there’s got to be a way to actually increase what they achieve. Some

7 Hot Mess Moments Leaders Need Not Let Happen

If you’ve ever called someone a hot mess or been called a hot mess, you want to avoid that label as a leader. A hot mess is someone who for whatever reason, doesn’t have their stuff all together. He or she isn’t handling a situation at all well or he or she isn’t managing emotions

A Leader’s Read on Chapters

In some parts of the world, Chapters is the name of a book store. In a book like Contagious Leadership, chapters are the vehicles to share ten steps for transition from manager to leader. In life, chapters are phases or sections of growth and development. These chapters often have a beginning and end, markers of

The Founding Fathers: Leaders Like No Other

On this historical holiday of Independence Day for the United States of America, a look back tells us a bit about the leadership of then and today. Our founding fathers being those leaders at the time of the formation of this great nation. These leaders included George Washington, John, Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James

Powerful Points That Prove Patience is a Problem

Slow down. Breathe. Be patient. Take it easy. Relax! If you’ve heard those words often, you’ve also probably heard the encouragement to avoid burnout. You’ve also likely found yourself getting stressed out at the very mention of such words that imply slowing down is better than being a speed demon. Well yes, if you’re driving

3 Fascinating Facets of Leadership Communication

Communication. A fundamental, unavoidable element of any leader’s day and yet something that so infrequently occurs in the way we think. A leader says one thing. An employee hears another. There’s no absence of hearing, but a questionable presence of listening. There’s no absence of saying what one means, but a question of clarity for

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