Leadership: How Do You Decide to Let an Employee Go

Leadership: How Do You Decide to Let an Employee Go

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  • Kaily

    , promotion reresepnts title change and/or salary change. but i should like to add that, more precisely, promotion is recognition of performance and potentials and hence added trust and responsibilities. so apart from money, promotion endows powers. many ppl may say money is always the most important, but powers and added responsibilities, actually, could be even more important, though ppl themselves may not be aware.good promotion decision requires good performance evaluation system, which is composed of performance criteria, job requirements and targets, and regular objective assessment. the system shall represent a company’s HR values and be made known and impressed in all staff; communication is important. it shall create a culture of performance, where staff knows withut uncertainty what the company sees as the most important factor in assessing performance and making promotion decisions. iow, staff’s expectation shall be managed in this regard from day 1 as to what they r expected of and under what criteria they would be considered for promotion.without a good performance evaluation system made known to everyone, promotion would be a very difficult decision and carry with it a lot of implications for other staff directly or indirectly concerned. promoting and thereby motivating one good staff may be done at the expense of all the other staff as a result.promotion serves as motivation, but it’s unhealthy to base motivation on promotion and pay rise only. diversifying ways of motivation is necessary. in-kind award, substantial or symbolic, in recognition of specific acts of performance is an example. hongkong insurance companies and property agencies r quite good at this.

  • Monica Wofford

    Hello Kaily, Delighted to hear from you and nice job on the detailed perspective you’ve provided. Readers worldwide will appreciate how you’ve detailed out the parameters of promotion and I particularly like this line: it’s unhealthy to base motivation on promotion and pay rise only. Nice done! All my best,


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