How to Improve Work Performance with Rewards and Consequences

How to Improve Work Performance with Rewards and Consequences

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  • Tom Hoisington

    Monica, your statement that, “Creating a scenario of “no hope in heck of meeting those goals” is not an approach that motivates employees to work harder” is so accurate! I recently saw a business where the owner created a bonus program that had been promised for years. When the employees were presented with the program, they could clearly see that the objectives were unobtainable and it actually served as a disincentive, discouraging the extra effort that the owner was trying to encourage. Stretch goals must be seen as being attainable or they will backfire.

  • Monica Wofford

    Yikes Tom! That is the danger of creating such goals to be sure. Gotta motivate them with hope not deflate them with delusions. Hey, that’s kinda cool. I may have to remember that little line. More importantly, I have to make sure WE don’t create the kind of goals within Contagious Companies that don’t backfire! Thanks for the great reminder and insight.

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