The Leader’s Guide to Letting Go and Saying No

The Leader’s Guide to Letting Go and Saying No

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  • Ron Katz

    Great “Moment!” Dogged persistence is admired, but sometimes you gotta know when to “step away from the project and no one will get hurt.” Breaking up is hard to do, and Neil Sedaka’s song was an inspiration for a post of mine back in February! An HR Professional’s Guide to Quitting. Take a look and enjoy!
    And thanks for another great start to my week!
    Only the best,

  • Monica Wofford

    Love it Ron! And Neil Sedaka was clearly on to something! I am certain I will enjoy your post and if I may, I’d also like to share it with our HR Professional clients. I would be willing to believe that some would find your guide incredibly timely! 🙂

    Appreciate the comment and delighted to hear from you!


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