3 Mindset Shifts that Matter Most to Leaders

3 Mindset Shifts that Matter Most to Leaders

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  • Ron Katz

    Another great Monday Moment. More and more I hear about and work with people who say they are trying to be “more authentic.” I tell them don’t be afraid to be yourself and you’ll be authentic. Doesn’t that facade get heavy to carry around all day? Developing authenticity is easier than mastering many other skills. It just takes the courage to get to know yourself, your values and beliefs, and then acting on and leading with them.
    Have a great week!
    Ron Katz

  • Monica Wofford

    Hello Ron! You are spot on my friend. That inauthentic self or the one that people say they “are” at work, makes one rather tired and exhausted by the time they get home. Life and work are so much better when we just are who we are all the time. I had that same conversation with an executive today and he was enjoying being able to have reached a point in his life where he could be comfortable in his own skin. What IF we could get there long before a certain point in our chronological age and could enjoy years and years more of a more authentic, energized and less exhausting existence? We can! That’s one of the joys of what you and I do, yes? Thanks for your note! 🙂


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