Three Intangible Traits of Leadership (Worth Touching On)

Three Intangible Traits of Leadership (Worth Touching On)

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  • Tom Hoisington

    If anyone questions the value of patience, consider how annoying it is to continually hear the child in the backseat ask, “are we there yet?” Leaders who constantly ask, “is it done yet?” are every bit as annoying and can actually cause the irritated follower to slow down his or her work on the project out of frustration. While this slowdown sounds like (and probably is) an immature reaction, how mature is the constant question “is it done yet”? Great Leaders who trust (your second point) their followers know that the follower will deliver the finished product as soon as it is done.

  • Monica Wofford

    Hey Tom!

    Are we there yet? Hehe… couldn’t resist! Love your insights and the way you expand beautifully on the concept. well done!



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