Leaders: Get Out of Your Own Way Fast in These 4 Areas

Leaders: Get Out of Your Own Way Fast in These 4 Areas

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  • Rita Smith

    I am already registered to receive information from Monica, but would like to know if I can receive the first chapter of Making Difficult People Disappear? Thank you.

  • Monica Wofford

    Absolutely Rita and great to hear from you! Visit http://www.contagiouscompanies.com/store_makedifficultpeopledisappear.aspx and you’ll see that the first chapter is on the upper right hand corner graphic 🙂

  • Tom Hoisington

    Monica, your comment that great leaders “would rather sit in the audience cheering the loudest as their team member receives the award on stage” is SO true. The greatest agency manager I ever had the privilege of working with was this type of leader. Whenever one of his team members enjoyed a successful moment, he always credited it to the hard work and perseverance of the team member. If someone tried to give him a share of the credit, he always downplayed his own contribution; it was the team member’s effort that deserved all of the credit. This is the type of leader that people willing follow!


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