3 Reasons Your Best Employees Resist Learning in Mandatory Training

3 Reasons Your Best Employees Resist Learning in Mandatory Training

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  • Liz Scwartzkopf

    I agree with all of this, what I have learned a lot as a business owner and I work with my staff doing the same as they do everyday. the most effect thing I have learned to do is,, Not try and be any of their personal friends and do things with them other than work. also I have morning powwows and get what needs to be said out at the beginning of the work day, and then also every two months a salon meeting. So learning to be the BOSS and still have a good working relationship is not easy but I’M there after a long hard road of learning. Most importantly, one never stops learning !!!!! Thanks so much for your Monday morning inspiration Monica .

  • Monica Wofford

    This is a GREAT strategy and one I often teach in individual coaching conversations. Your morning huddle (pow wow) and attitude toward learning is spot on. In fact, you might even enjoy some additional learning/reading in a book I’m reading called “You are a Bad Ass”. Little colorful, but chock full of wonderful nuggets of leadership and life wisdom… considering how we lead our life shows up in how we lead our work, you might love this one! Thanks for your kind words and we love hearing from you!


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