4 Foibles You Want Leaders to Avoid!

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  • Kathleen Gordon

    Oh if only my new boss could integrate these lessons into his leadership of the kitchen…I make a promise to myself each day that I will learn from his mistakes. I wonder what you say to a chef who tells you that he couldn’t stand to be an employee under himself. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything quite like it!

  • Monica Wofford

    Wow girl! That is an interesting comment to be sure. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was on vacation!
    Hmmm… many of the chapters of Contagious Leadership came from those experiences I had in watching leaders who taught me exactly what not to do. Perhaps here that is also true for you. Good job on learning from his mistakes and maybe ask him… “What would it take for you to want to be an employee under your own leadership?” I’d be VERY curious to see what his answer might be. Hope you’ll share if you ask him. 🙂


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