Why Are We So Tired?

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  • Johanna Velasquez

    Exercise and eat right help my confidence level. Since I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and started taking some time for myself each day to help my physical self, this also has boosted me emotionally and given me much more confidence in everything I do.

  • Monica Wofford

    Great job, great comment and congratulations. We could all learn from your experience!

  • Shayla Dougher

    Love the message today Monica. Inauthenticity is exhausting!

    To feel more confident, I’ll stop and breathe in and out purposefully, maybe sitting to rest a bit or standing to stretch.

    I make a point to remember who I am and why I am doing the task at hand. The cat has to be fed, again and again. I could get tired of it! But I remember how funny it is to see her pounce on a wine cork that I put on the floor for her and how very nice that wine was. Mundane things aren’t so when I keep my mind active.

    I am supposed to be job hunting! This is way more fun! Ok, back to the task at hand!

    Read you next week!


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