Alert: Leadership is a Matter of the Heart AND the Head

Alert: Leadership is a Matter of the Heart AND the Head

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  • mBraining

    Hi, great article about a vitally important subject. But you missed a very important additional piece… Leadership is a matter of not just head and heart, but also of the gut.

    Recent Neuroscience findings have uncovered that we have complex and functional neural networks – or ‘brains’- in our heart and gut, giving scientific credence to the growing body of leadership literature showing how the world’s best companies are guided by leaders who can tap into the intelligence of their head, heart and guts. Combining these Neuroscience findings with behavioral modeling research conducted by the authors, a number of key insights have been found about the roles of the heart and gut brains for adaptive and generative leadership.

    In the increasingly complex and volatile social and business environments that organizations operate in, leaders who are unable to tap into and harness the full intuitive and innate intelligence of their multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains aligned together) are at a distinct disadvantage. A new field of leadership development is emerging, known as mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) and it provides organizational leaders with practical methods for aligning and integrating their head, heart and gut brains for increased levels of emergent wisdom in their decision-making, and for developing an expanded core identity as an authentic leader.

    We’ve recently published a book called ‘mBraining’ about the multiple brains and how to communicate with and tap into their innate wisdom and intelligence. And we are wondering if you’d be interested in publishing either a review of the book, or an article about the application of our work and models on the heart and gut brains to training and leadership?

    For further info on our work, check out our website at

  • Monica Wofford

    Wow! This sounds very interesting and I’m intrigued. Happy to contribute an article and discuss further and look forward to making this a priority in 2014. When is the best time to reconnect? You’re welcome to email Janine in our office directly at and we can set something up to make sure we’re both on the same page. Thanks much! Great insights.


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