What’s CONFIDENCE Got To Do With It?

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  • Sheri Miller

    I am in Chicago and would LOVE to hear Monica speak. Is Monica coming out here anytimein 2011 – or – is she speaking in Florida where I can come to listen to her?

    Thanks much!


  • Monica Wofford

    Hello Sheri!

    You are too kind my friend and I would LOVE to speak in Chicago!as long as you are there and get to hear it of course. Hehe!

    we speak in FLorida quite a bit, yet most of those presentations are to closed audiences – meaning private conferences or private clients. However, we have a conference in South Orlando, FLorida on March 23rd and that is open to the public. It is on Balance: When You’re In Charge, In Heels, and Out of Time!

    Thank you again for your kind words. What would you like to hear me speak on my friend?


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