The Secret to Managing Your Boss Better (Without Getting Fired)

The Secret to Managing Your Boss Better (Without Getting Fired)

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  • Lynn Ferguson-Pinet

    Great post! I manage personality styles workshops and one of the key questions people want answers to is how do I take this learning to improve my relationship with my boss. Your point about its mostly about self-awareness is so true.


  • Monica Wofford

    Hello Lynn!
    Love the insights from a fellow personality styles instructor and enthusiast. 🙂 That self-awareness and personal responsibility is certainly key. Also, you might find some fun in the article found here:

    Jenna is a wonderful writer with Forbes and she specifically talks about the relationship with one’s boss in reference to my book Make Difficult People Disappear. Might be a fun one to share with some of your audience.

    Keep the great comments coming and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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